Friday, May 13, 2016

Oppo The best android phone

I has found some of OPPO adventages here is the best review has ever. Do you know Oppo smartphone specifications? If no, better you go there. This is not review.

Why OPPO become the best smartphone? I thing this is because this phone have good material and also had more feature. This phone has good camera resolution, and clearly at all condition.

It is certainly a breakthrough. By way of comparison, QuickCharge 3.0, the latest revision of the latest technology Qualcomm promises to charge 80 percent battery 2750 mAh in 35 minutes.
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More tweet of oppo smartphone:
Dear @twinkIetae , OPPO smartphone is available to create folder. You can go to > file > storage > New Folder ! Thats it


Two models of the Find 7 are coming on March 19. #Find7 #AlwaysImprove

OPPO ‏@oppo May 4

Featuring a 16MP Front Camera, OPPO F1 Plus makes every Selfie brighter and more clear.
#OPPOF1Plus #SelfieExpert

OPPO ‏@oppo Mar 29

Become a true Selfie Expert by getting yourself a brand new #OPPOF1! Available on Amazon UK, France and Germany.